How to solve NAT kind of issues with Belkin N300 Router Setup?


While using Belkin router a problem in translating the public IP address to the private one and vice versa is one of the frequently reported issues. The Network Address Translation (NAT) capability of Belkin is quite important to keep private IP address secure from others. In case you are facing any NAT issues with Belkin router, then the following information with troubleshooting steps will be of great help to you.

Network Address Translation (NAT) refers to the capability of router for translating any public IP address to any private IP and vice versa. In case, your Belkin router is unable to efficiently perform Network Address Translation, then you will come across any of the NAT issues. The NAT issues are frequently reported while using gaming console which in turn result as a poor playing experience. All kinds of NAT issues can be resolved by verifying the parameters of settings menu that are responsible for NAT kind of issues. Sometimes the problem can due to the settings of in-built firewall of Belkin router. So in such cases you will have to set the port settings to OPEN. This can easily be done either by Port Forwarding method or by Port Triggering. Soon as the ports will be set to OPEN, the type of Network Address Translation will be set to Open or Moderate mode other than the strict mode. So if the ports are kept open then users will not face any NAT issue while using gaming consoles for playing games online.

Now, before trying to open the ports you will have to configure the IP address settings of your gaming console as Static then only you will able to go through the port opening procedure.

When the gaming console is in direct connection with modem excluding the connection with Belkin router, then the gaming console must have Open NAT. So, prior to the checking of Belkin Setup N300 one must ensure the gaming console is having Open NAT.

For all gaming consoles the NAT are only of three kinds. All these three types of NAT help in determining your connection with rest other players available online.

Kinds of NAT:

  • Open NAT: Having an open NAT signifies that the gaming console is capable enough to easily establish connection with another games and hosted games. Other than this, it also signifies that you will be easily visible, recognized and connected by other players for any of the games those are being hosted by you.
  • Moderate NAT: It signifies that the capability of establishing connection with other online players is neither too limited nor quite open. Under moderate NAT you will be able to establish connection with other online players but few of the features might be missing due to somewhat limited connectivity.
  • Strict NAT:  If signifies that you have quite limited capability of establishing connection with available online players. In case of Strict NAT, all other online players with strict NAT or Moderate NAT will not be able to connect with the games hosted by you.

In case, you are suffering from Strict or Moderate NAT, then kindly refer to the following information for opening the NAT of Belkin router.

  • Firstly, try to identify the NAT ability of your modem
  • If your modem efficiently supports NAT and you are using Belkin router with it, then your gaming console might be set to Strict NAT type. It is because Belkin router already possesses a NAT feature.  Thus, while using NAT supported modem it is advised to configure the DSL modems at Bridge mode.
  • Configuring the modem to bridge mode will avoid the occurrence of IP conflict. The Conflict usually arises because subnet and IP address of many of the DSL modems is similar to subnet and IP Belkin routers.  Bridge mode allows an Internet IP address to display as public address and thus avoids IP conflict along dual NAT issues.

Verify the IP setting of your gaming console.

  • If your gaming console possesses a Static IP address, then you must make sure that the corresponding static IP address is within in range of IP segment of existing network.  If you unable to verify the IP settings of your gaming console, then you can get in touch with the manufacturer of your gaming console for help.
  • If your gaming console possesses a dynamic IP assigned by DHCP, then you should ensure that your gaming console has been assigned an IP address which is within the range with the IP segment of existing network.

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